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Left menu items disappear

Sometimes, and i have never been able to 100% duplicate the steps to have the problem reoccur, when i edit or move menu items on the left hand side on my administrator account, other users when logging in will only have the "My workspace" menu and items, but nothing else.  The other menus such as documents does not expand or show anything in it.

When under my administrator account i go to edit the menu instead of saying things like:

it instead has shows a blank line.  If i click save, it reverts the menu back to default, and when people reload their screens all the menu items come back.

If i can get the problem to occur again i will attach screenshots, but the way it stands, i cannot move items to everyone's my workspace otherwise it breaks the entire menu for them.

Edit:  Note i am using the latest virtual appliance with all updates installed.
Edited: Travis Swentosky - 10/28/2015 22:57:02
Attached are the screenshots and these are the steps to have the problem reoccur

User clicks the little gear icon next to My Workspace to move menu items around

User after moving items click the OK button to lock the menu in place.

If the user then clicks any of the links, the page loads, but then all the menu items to the left go missing

The only way to get the items back, is to move a menu item again, click OK, then you must immediately log out, then back in to have the entire menu re-appear, but when it does it is re-organized back to it's default state.

Be aware the screenshots are shown below in reverse order,

EDIT:  I have resolved the issue by re-installing the virtual appliance and NOT installing the demo data this time.  Menu works just fine and allows users to sort it however they want.
Tried to duplicate the problem after re-install without the demo data and the issue has not returned.
3.jpg (253.61 Kb)
2.jpg (169.94 Kb)
1.jpg (148.14 Kb)
Edited: Travis Swentosky - 10/30/2015 23:52:49
Hi Travis,

Thanks for sharing.


Hey Travis!

Having a similar problem right now with the left menu -- any updates I make will unpredictably revert back to the default view. I'm unable to reliably reproduce the bug. Do you know of a solution for members using the cloud version? I suspect your solution was specific to the hosted version.


Yes i did discover the problem.  Did you edit the php menu files directly?

If so, restore a backup of the menu files, then edit the menus using the built-in menu editor.  If you edit the PHP coded files, and it disagrees with what the menu builder says to be there, then when users load a page, the menu breaks for them.

I made the mistake of editing those menu php files directly (Because a bitrix training video on youtube said you could) and that is what broke it for me.
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