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My Drive File Access Permissions, How is that supposed to work
OK, user have files directly in "My Drive" or in some folder that is not shared. What should happen when user grant some access permissions over document, to another user. When I do that as regular user, nothing is happening. Users with whom I've shared a document, they can not see them anywhere. But when I set access permissions as Administrator, user can see that documents on my profile page, in section "Drive", not in "Shared files" but alongside.
So, again. What is the purpose of "Access permissions" over document and how to use it?
Hi Đorđe,

Administrators can see other users files at other users profile pages (drive). Simple users can share their own (My Drive) files with others - click Sharing > add > choose employee + choose access level > Save. After that shared files (folders) should automatically appear in the other user(s) - with whom you've shared files - My drive sections. If this scenario does not work - please contact our Helpdesk.


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