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CRM access rights for "shared" clients - meetings are exposed, How to manage access to meetings content when different departments share the same company and/or contact

In our company we have several departments that actually share the same companies (e.g. Hospitals, Health Centres etc.) and the same Contacts (e.g. Heads of purchasing departments). As far as I understand this topic access rights in CRM are dependant on Contacts, Companies, Deals, Leads, Quotes and Invoices. However, one cannot relate any access rights to meetings.

What if Sales Manager John Smith from Department A visits Head of Purchasing Maria Jones at Hospital X and enters a meeting notes into CRM the contents of which he would prefer to stay confidential within Department A?

If Sales Manager Sarah Brown from Department B starts to work with Head of Purchasing Maria Jones at Hospital X on a different project she will be able to see that particular meeting as well as notes and uploaded files if any.

Please let me know how to cope with that problem.

Hi Andrej,

Please contact our Helpdesk. Thank you.


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