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Setting up multiple divisions
Hello. We're trying to set up multiple divisions at our Bitrix24. But is there some more or less detailed documentation about it?
What we need: the user log in to his or her bitrix24 portal. The portal of his or her department appears (for example He or she can see everyone fr om his or her department but no one from other departments (and no information from other departments or from the company in general). All we need for the user is his or her department. But what we get is: the user log in to the general part of the company's portal, he or she can browse his or her portal, can't see other departments. BUT! The user still can go to the general part of the company's portal wh ere he or she can see the list of all emploees of the company, and the list of all groups, etc.
Does anyone know how to solve this issue? Maybe there is more or less detailed guide about it? All I can see on forums are words about how it is possible to separate sub-departments and employees from each other with this multiple divisions function. But in fact we can't do it. Any help is appreciated.
Thank you.
Hi Alena,

We recommend to go via one of our partner for the Enterprise version.


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