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SIP module + Self Hosted Enterprise
I want to use within Bitrix Self Hosted Enterprise (SHE) VoIP credits bought from another supplier. My question is:
- Even on SHE I still have to buy the SIP module?
- IF I have to buy it, how many calls will I be able to make simultaneously?
Hi Lucio!

Cloud hosted PBX: maximum 5 PBX can be simultaneously connected to one Bitrix24. But each Cloud hosted PBX connection is not limited by the number of incoming lines.
Office PBX: number of connected PBX is not limited.

Yes, I'm afraid you need to subscribe to SIP connector in order to start using it even at Enterprise level, as soon as the SIP connector service is provided by our partner VoxImplant.


Dear Yana.
Please advise IF image attached can be implemented. As far as I did research, this image can be implemented as it is.
Thanks a lot.
BITRIX.jpg (65.84 Kb)
Lucio Groch, if your BPX is using Asterisk, you could buy SIP Connector from us. The sip connector will be installed on your Bitrix24 server. We could support you to set up menu, in-line waiting mp3, attendant priority .....
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