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Custom Fields in Analytical reports and reports viewing, Custom Fields in Analytical reports and reports viewing
Hello Bitrix24 team,
I urgently need some help with 2 issues please

1. @ Yana, you wrote an article on including custom fields in analytical reports which should be pretty straight forward. Unfortunately my BVA is not giving me the menu below

Settings--Form and report Settings (Please see my settings menu attached, let me know if I need to make any changes to get the specific menu i need).

2. For all my users including admin, I cannot access CRM -Reports, it brings the error attached --Please let me know what I can do to fix

Please also find attached the version of BVA I am running.
I will greatly appreciate your comment on this.
Capture.PNG (50.02 Kb)
Hi Christine,

Please contact our Helpdesk with these screenshots & your last installed updates version. Thank you.


Hi Yana, we have same problem here. However we cannot even install new updates to fix it.

Support ticket # 1018597

Since its not only few people but most of your clients, maybe you should send a press release how to fix it? Why with every new update we have more problems rather than fixes.

Anyway, thanks.  
Hi Mani,

I can see that your issue is being assisted via our Helpdesk - please follow your tickets progress there. Our support team will be able to provide you with a deeper technical help than forums do. As for the "typical requests"- it may anyway be individual issues. But we will make a post if a typical problem is identified. Thank you.


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