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Unable To Install CRM Module, Database error when trying to install the CRM Module
The CRM link (left side bar) did not show up for our users (although they could access the crm module by writing the url .../crm inside the navigation bar -> not a permission issue)

We therefore tried to remove the CRM module and reinstall it, but received the error:

FILE: /home/bitrix/www/bitrix/modules/crm/classes/general/crm_stat­us.php
LINE: 341
MySQL Query Error: SEL ECT * FR OM b_crm_status WHERE ENTITY_ID = 'PRODUCT' ORDER BY SORT ASC [Table 'sitemanager0.b_crm_status' doesn't exist]

Now we are unable to install the CRM module. What exactly went wrong, and how could we fix it?
Hi Roger,

Please contact our helpdesk about this issue.
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