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BIG Problems with Mails and subtasks (not working), our trial is a disaster. no help from bitrix
we are currently evaluating the self hosted version of bitrix.

i know the cloud version.

our problem:

1. even if the mail settings are correct and everything is right bitrix wont send mails. some time a mail gets thru but mostly there is no mail. settings are correct and working
2. i cant create subtasks. simply just fuXXing cant.

i have spoken with a german partner (were from germany) but they want to charge about 600-1000€ for initial settings for our trial. our CIO wont do that.
i really hate it.... bitrix seems sooo interesting but these two problems keep stopping us from evaluating.

the bitrix support itself is a monstrous disaster. i have plenty of mails... the only thing they to is telling me to write here and there... omg guys!!!

anybody has an idea?
after hours of problems i found out that the german downloadable version seems pretty old.
i downloaded from and this distributionw worked. at least for the errors i encountered
Hello! Please, send the number of your Helpdesk ticket to this address.


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