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Get started with Bitrix Business

I just new commer to Bitrix24, i'm using Bitrix Business trial version, then buy license Bitrix Business 50 users. Do i have to reinstall my server? or just subscribe with commercial license?

I have linked these channel: Facebook comment, Facebook Messenger, Instagram and Microsoft Bot  for Skype. However, i tested with these channel and nothing return back to our Bitrix self hosted version. How to debug and fix this? (This server have been reinstall on the same domain using trial version

How to implement commercial SSL on our server? I read your and and found nothing guide how to do this.

Moreover, is look like out of date, the installation guide is not the same with .OVA image.

Telephony issue: your team mate said trial version: don't have Telephony, i asked via livechat -->your team response this module is available on paid license only. I buy a license Business 50, then reinstall our VPS with this new license and do no see Telephony too. We are already open ticket more than 1 days and receive nothing from your side.
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