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"My Workspace" dissapears, "My Workspace" dissapears, when applying another theme the "my workspace" section in the left menu dissapears
While configuring our test-drive of the BizPace-Enterprise-Edition I made a copy of the Bitrix24 Social Intranet theme for changing the layout to our company brand. Without every changes to the template itself I applied the new theme-copy to the Intranet site. After a reload the "My Workspace" Section in the left menu was gone.

When I switch the theme back to the original the menu section is back on top. Any ideas why this is happening? I don't want to loose the "my workspace"-section in the left menu.

Thanks for any hints!
Self-Hosted Version BizPace ENterprise
Hi Joe,

Please contact our Help desk for the self-hosted version. Thank you.

I know this post is a year old, but this is happening to us as well.  Sure we could submit a support ticket, but the purpose of a forum is to share the information with others (self-help).  Always referring clients to use the tech support ticket route only costs you more work in the long run.

If the answer was handled here in the forum there would be no need to submit a ticket.  Maybe you can shed some light on this issue, otherwise I guess I'll have to have tech support answer the same question for me.

Edited: Todd - 06/20/2015 00:57:36
Hi Todd!

The reasons causing the problem may unique even if the result seems to be similar, please report this to our Helpdesk with more details on the actions performed before. Thank you.


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