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Delete account in order to add to another instance, Delete account in order to add to another instance

I would like to delete my account, so that i may be added to my company's account.

I signed up thinking that i needed to and now when i try to accept the invitation from my comapny, it says that i already have an account (and therefore cannot accept the invitation and join my company's intranet).

I really need to be able to join the company's intranet as soon as possible.  Can you please delete my account ASAP?


You should be able to accept the invitation from your company's intranet as well - having your own intranet does not interfere with being an employee (invited user) for other intranets. What you need to do is log in to your Bitrix24 Network account - & accept the invitation from there.

I had login using the google account for one of the Instance ( and used mail id for another instance by creating the User Name and password for I want use the versions in mobile version but it is not the same when i am trying to hr-cbo. My company also planning to purchase a full version where i need to use same mail id and password.

How can we remove employee completely or Instance completely so that I can use the full version in mobile and desktop also.

thanking you

Uday Kailash
Hi Uday!

I've replied you via email - please check.


I can't log in using Desktop version, because I don't know my password.
I've already tried to receive the password by using the "forgot your password" button, but the following message appears "Login or E-mail not found". I suppose that happen because I created a Bitrix account using my Facebook account, but I am very sorry now, because I've spent to much time trying to fix it.
Hi Vinicius,

Please add email address & create password for your Bitrix24 at your Bitrix24 Netword profile page >edit> add email address. See deatils in this FAQ


I'm having the same issue. I already had an account on Bitrix and now I can't seem to accept the invitation to join my company's intranet. What do I need to do?
Hi Rimsha!

Please try now.

Yana, thanks for replying! I just tried again and I can't access my company's intranet. I'm uploading a screenshot of the page I see when I click on the intranet invite from my organization. When I put in my password and try to sign in, the page just refreshes and nothing happens.
bitrix error.PNG (275.81 Kb)
I'd really appreciate if this issue was resolved. I still haven't been able to accept my company's invitation.
Please contact our Helpdesk, thank you!



My user id is and I can not access after changing my email address.


Hi Rubel!

You ahve a Google Plus authorization to this intranet, please click Google Plus tab in the login screen.


Hi, we are having the same error with a user, he can login to bitrix24 network, but cant accept an invitation to our organization. We tried, to dismiss him and hire him back again, but hes not receiving the invitation from our organization.

Maybe you could help us to send the email to invite him again?

Hi William!

It may be caused by different reasons, we need your account name & user email address details, please email them to us. Thank you!


Is there a way to delete a account at all?

I was trialing Bitrix using my personal Gmail account, and have really liked it, and in my testing processes created a second account using my company email address.

As all of the administration portion of the Bitrix24 company intranet was created using the gmail address, I am looking to change the admin email to the company email address.

This is not possible as it says there is another account with that email, so now I am stuck.

All of the work up to this point was done using the Gmail account, but I want to transfer over to the company email address, and unless I delete the account this cannot be done.

Your support page stipulates this:
Please note: when your Bitrix24 account is deleted, your Bitrix24 Network ID (your login & Bitrix24 Network profile page) stays so that you can come back in future & create new Bitrix24 accounts.

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