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Arabic Language Support
Me and my other team members using Arabic language in our conversations, tasks .. etc.

In general, bitrix has support Arabic language but I found no results when I using bitrix search box in Arabic text.

Can you fix this issue which will be very helpful for me.

Hi Mohammed!

Please advise if you don't get any search results when you try to search for data in Arabic or only definite Bitrix24 parts? What I mean is - are you searching for CRM items, tasks names, comments, messages, etc? Will be quite helpful.

I have used the search box at the top of our bitrix homepage. I just writting Arabic word - Not specific for CRM or others - and no any result.

I hope I got your question and my answer was helpful.  
Hi Mohammed,

it would be most helpful if you submit a ticket to our Helpdesk with the sample, for example - your search result for arabic word screesnhot & this word in your Bitrix24 account ). Thank you.

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