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Set Time Zone, Set Time Zone
I have selected the correct time zone within Bitrix, however, when I have synced my Google calendar, all appt times are off by 1 hour.  How do I fix the time to be the correct time for the appt within Bitrix?

Dear Tamara,

Please contact our Helpdesk they will assist.

Kind Regards,


I have couple of queries:

1. If I create a task for my team member who is in different time zone the what timezone will be applicable for him? It should be his/her timezone, right?
2. What is data backup policy for 'Standard' plan?
3. Is it possible to turn-off email notifications?
4. Is there any way to import tasks from an Excel for e.g.?

I tried clicking the link mentioned in your above reply but could not find a way to post my queries so I am adding them here. Pls suggest.

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