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Business process: How to repeat a task weekly or monthly
Hi Yana,

I am trying to write a business process where a certain task must be repeated on a weekly or monthly basis. Please help. I have tried the while loop command but with no success. I also tried the Wait for event command with no success.

Is there a easy way of programming a business process where a task is created every Wednesday every week of for example on the 10th of every month?

Hi Erick!

Recurring tasks parameter is not supported in Business Process Templates.

Kind Regards,

Hi Yana,

Thank you, I understand there is no such parameter but cant I write the process in such a way that I use the available functions to say send out a notification of e-mail on a weekly or monthly basis?

Hi Erick!

I don't quite undertand your scenario, I'm afraid. Please note that we do not actually provide businesses design assistance, as BPs are too individual & may take a long time to be constructed, but our partners will be happy to assist.

Kind Regards,

Any changes to this? I am also trying to figure out how to get a process to repeat every week based on the status of a lead.  What I'm doing is having this send reminder emails every week until we change their status.

The While loop seems really to be the answer.  We can help you create a business process of this nature if it just isn't working for you. It's usually just a few hours of work and you'll be able to copy and modify what we write.

In short, by setting the "While" condition to whatever status is applicable, you can have it run indefinitely. It's a good idea to set up a condition that confirms the status directly before the email is sent (or other critical action is performed automatically). Use a Pause process block inside the While loop that waits for 1 week or 1 month.  Basically, if you set a "while" loop around the email stage in this workflow:, you would have it sending email out every week (the "2nd Email" block would need to be deleted).

Another way to do this would be via a State-Driven workflow. This would not be easier.  
Hi ,

I created one business process with task. Next step I need is getting reminding date using functions. Can someone help me on this asap. I tried the below code snippet, but i am getting error like The reminding day is not specified.

if (CModule::IncludeModule("tasks"))
   $arFields = Array(
       "TASK_ID" => 341,
       "USER_ID" => 64,
       "REMIND_DATE" => "2017-06-22",
       "TYPE" => CTaskReminders::REMINDER_TYPE_DEADLINE,

   $obTaskReminders = new CTaskReminders;
   $ID = $obTaskReminders->Add($arFields);
   $success = ($ID>0);

       echo "Ok!";
       if($e = $APPLICATION->GetException())
           echo "Error: ".$e->GetString();  


Please someone help me to check.
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