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"Connection Timeout", SERVICE UNAVAILABLE
At least once a week Bitrix24 is offline - we are unable to open our company page: CONNECTION TIMEOUT.
WHY IS THAT? Everything is up and running, and checked by our IT team.
Is that because we are still on the Free version?
It is very curious to me that no one else is reporting the same problem.
Edited: Lucio Groch - 03/24/2015 15:53:45
Hi Lucio!

Can you please advise more - do all users observe this problem - e.g. service is not availble at all? (blank page, interface hangs loading, etc.)
Or is it an individual messages after long period of work when the browser asks to refresh the page - and everything work ok after?

Thank you!

HI Yana.
- All users experience that.
- Service not available at all: no page is loaded in any browser. Browser waits 30 seconds to load page and afterwards shows the message you can see attached (consider Mozilla). Cleaning cache, restarting machine do not help. It feels just like "service is down". One day when I experienced this, the support page was ALSO down, showing the same "timeout" behavior.
- I have worked long ours loading several different sections multiple times, and never had these issues.
timeout.jpg (30.22 Kb)
We are having the same issue. The network was completely down at least twice last week, and we were unable to work one morning as a result. Now, it is taking forever for the pages to load and/or save, and it seems like when mine is working, my boss' is not.

Are your servers able to handle the capacity of your clients?
We fixed this by resetting connection/modem/internet link/DNS flushing and clearing cache. DONE!
Thanks for sharing Lucio!


My pleasure. We are eager to see ZAPIER integration, which will do a lot for Bitrix24 success worldwide!
Our partners are working on it, probably will introduce the app soon.


I am having this same issue.
What exactly do I need to do to fix this issue?

I am having trouble opening Bitrix 24 for the last 2 days.. is it just me or some general problem?  
Hi Maja,

Please try to clear the browser cache. Thanks.


We solved this issue only by powering down and then up again our internet link.
Thanks for sharing Lucio!
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