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Strange bahavior using 3rd party social network registration/login
From the beginning I registered on Bitrix24 using Google account.
Recently I was working on the PC of my friend who also was a user of Bitrix24 but of another Network then mine and he was not registered using Google (directly via mail).

So what happened: at a certain point of time he was logged on his Network as well as in Google account. Then when I worked at his PC I decided to visit my Bitrix24 Network and when logon screen appeared I pushed a Google button to log on via Google (I didn't know that he logged on in Google). Then I got response that I am not authorized to log on my network... And and at that point it was fine, because in fact system wanted to log on my network using my Friend's Google account => not allowed.

Then I logged off his Google account and logged in with my Google account and tried again to log in my Bitrix network => this didn't work....

What happened next: when I was at home at my PC I tried to log in my Bitrix network again using my Google acc => this didn't work. Hoever eventually I found out that from now on trying to log in using my Google account I logged on to My friend's Bitrix account (and that one for sure doesn't have access to my Network).

It means that having made above mentioned steps my Google account was unlinked from my Bitrix account and at the same time was linked to my Friend's account.

Finally I was successful to unlink my Google acc from my friend's acc and then link back to my Bitrix acc but I would say that's not ok and was not expected!

What do you think?
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