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Business process to run each day, Check if a deal close day is in 7 days

I'm looking for a way to create a business process that will create a task each time a deal has a close date in 7 days.
So for exemple :

Let's say i juste created a new deal and the close date is in 3 weeks from now. I want to get a new task ,added to the responsible person of the deal, 7 days before the close date.

I tried many things but none work.

Can you help ? Thank you  
Put this in the task deadline:

=Dateadd({=Document:DATE_CREATE}, "14 days")
Ronaldo Radünz

Bitrix24 Gold Partner
Hi, good idea!! but i don't want to create the task right away..
So I finally managed to do it :) thank you

I added =Dateadd({=System:Date}, "+7d")  to a while loop ( see image)
Capture.JPG (58.56 Kb)
Oops!! the "while loop" is not working for a long time...
I hoped this would loop forever but it seem that after some time i get :
[0] Cycle limit exceed
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