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External Sites
Does external sites have the ability to be customized per user?
Can you please be more precise with this question - what do you mean exactly? Thanks.

In the external sites, I see that you can add different sites to browse while being on Bitrix. If I add a site to the external sites does it add it to everybody in the intranet, or will it just add it to my external sites?  
If your question is about thisapp - that was developed by our partners - it is added to everybody, all users will see it in the activity stream. If you have any suggestions on this app - you can contact our partner at


     I need clear understanding about workflow processes and workflow creations.

Thanks & Regards,
Narasimha Reddy Bandlapalli.
Please see Training Course on Business Processes, Youtube video BP overviewor hire one of our certified partners to help.


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