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ABRA G4 integration
Author: B24_7309717. Hi Is there a way how to link Abgra G4 and Bitrix together via some API? I am okay with scripting ABRA. Functionalities I am interested in - export contacts from Bitrix CRM to ABRA - link commissions between ABRA and Bitrix drive (each commission has it's own folder with blueprints, documentation etc...), wiki (storing ...
Modified: 07/14/2016
Developing an app to format Quotes
... company would like to be able to utilize the Bitrix's Quote creation system, but we're not satisfied with the formatting of the quote when downloaded as a PDF. We were told that we could fix this problem by creating a Bitrix app. I've looked over the REST API, but I'm not sure where to begin. Are there any example applications or tutorials that I could look over that might point me in the right direction? Or could someone tell me how to get started?  What I am attempting to do is to pull information ...
Modified: 08/12/2015
POST using REST API - Address Field
Author: Nathaniel Soria. Hi, I need assistance in correctly posting the address. I'm in the process of developing a lead distribution software to connect my call center dialer software to Bitrix24 to facilitate a hot voice and data transfer simultaneously but need help with the posting of the address field. When I post to ADDRESS I can get the street name to post but ADDRESS_CITY doesn't post to the city.. what is the correct way to post to the sub-fields within the default ADDRESS field? sample...
Modified: 06/01/2015
Zapier Integration, Integrate with Zapier for connection with other tools
Author: Martin Thompson. Hello,  Any plans to provide an integration with Zapier (sorry if it exists already and I can't find it). I would specifically like to integrate Bitrix with Mailchimp and Unbounce and Eventbrite using Zapier.  Thanks, Martin 
Modified: 02/19/2015
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