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Goal measurement for Open channel Chat Message in Google Analytics, Any idea how to measure live chat messages event actions to set up as goals in google adwords, analytics and tag manager?
Author: Mahmoud Elsaid. Hello,  We are trying to setup goals for our adword campaign and on google analytics for goal conversion when a user successfully start a chat conversation, enter email address / name / finish the conversation.  We know we can track the actions if the user use forms. BUT we need to track the events that happen on chat. Any one is able to advise on the events action that we can track in this ?
Modified: 09/02/2017
Change Default Contact Information type
Author: B24_11079931. Hello,  first of all, thank you for a nice business tool. I hope someone can help us. At the moment we are struggling in deal page, when needed to choose client. Our main client is Person, not company. Is it possible to change primary client type form Company to Contact? And how? With best regards Jonas Burneika
Tags: CRM, Contacts
Modified: 07/17/2017
Automated Tasks
Author: B24_12079177. Is there a way to assign automated tasks when a deal progresses a stage? Currently, I can see that you can but I want to be able to use the task template I made or at least have it appearing as a task and not as an activity on the deal and I also want to have it appear as a check list. 
Tags: CRM, Task
Modified: 04/26/2017
Company and User Mailbox integration Office365
... desk, unfortunately, has not been helpful. After numerous messages back and fourth, sharing screen shots over and over again (sometimes the same ones), waiting days for a response....I hope someone else has resolved this issue Email integration in the CRM To track emails in the CRM, as I see the following 4 options: 1) You can manually log an email but, this will only make an entry in the History section and not track in any "activity" or show in the nice reports and graphs. 2) Connect the ...
Modified: 04/26/2017
I'd like some help understanding a few things in the CRM (New to Bitrix24)
Автор: Mohamed Elwardany. Hello Bitrix Community, I am relatively new to using Bitrix, having dabbled with it a few times in the past, but never have I given it much serious thought until recently (and after becoming very familiar with the different CRM/ERP/Marketing Automation SaaS available on the market.) and now I am currently utilizing my time to get as much of the system setup for my company in the free version before we upgrade to one of the paid packages. Unfortunately, despite my best ...
Tags: CRM
Modified: 01/12/2017
Calls are recorded, but are not shown under Activities, -
Author: Lucio Groch. Calls are recorded, but are not shown under Activities. This is how it happened: 1. I used a DEAL screen to originate a call directly from the CRM Deal screen. 2. This call was completed, lasted four minutes, was automatically recorded by Bitrix24, and is stored in our company drive. 3. However, it is NOT listed neither under customer's Lead Activities Log nor under customer's Deal Activities ...
Modified: 03/31/2016
Business Tools, cannot add user
Author: Bun Kong. hi, I have a problem, we use the free bitrix that can be use for 12 user, when I add the last user (12), it cannot use the business tools with error said as max user reach, but the license is used 11 license, how come it say max user reached? how can I solve this problem, thanks
Tags: CRM
Modified: 03/11/2016
REST API example on how to do a wildcard search, Need a REST API example on how to do a wildcard search for finding contacts in the CRM
Автор: Steve Kinyon. From an external system I want to use the to search for contacts by the first and last name.  Where can I get an example on how to do this, both url encoded and pre-url encoded? Here is a url encoded filter call that works to find the Last Name of 'Smith': https://myaccount....
Modified: 01/09/2016
Access rights CRM - meetings, How to limit access to meetings records
Author: Andrej Močan. Hi, In the CRM section of the self-hosted instance I can configure access rights (read, add, update, delete, export, import) for: contacts companies deals (for each status separately) leads (for each status separately) quotes invoices I don't know how ...
Modified: 12/31/2015
Report Leads and products, Report Leads and products
Author: Alexandre Gonçalves. Hi, We need to make a report to see how many Leads we have for each product in CRM. But in the Report we can not put the product as a criterion of analysis? How can we make this report? Thank you. best regards
Modified: 10/21/2015
Developing an app to format Quotes
Author: Noah Vito. Hi,  Our company would like to be able to utilize the Bitrix's Quote creation system, but we're not satisfied with the formatting of the quote when downloaded as a PDF. We were told that we could fix this problem by creating a Bitrix app. I've looked over the REST API, but I'm not sure where to begin. Are there any example applications or tutorials that I could look over that might point me in the right direction? Or could someone tell me how to get started?  What I am attempting...
Modified: 08/12/2015
Best way to track inquiry?, How can I keep track of the incoming phone calls / email
Author: B24_2992129. Hi all, I'm new to the Bitrix world and could use some help understanding best practices. To start out simple, let's say a new prospective customer calls and I want to enter in the notes of that call and the contact information. What is the best way to do this?  Secondly, I will have to track email responses manually due to server restrictions (i can't have bitrix receive the emails). How can I add notes for each time I have an interaction with a client?  Thank you!
Tags: CRM
Modified: 07/16/2015
A File Field in Leads are not carried forward in Deals, A Custom File Field in Leads are not carried forward in Deals
Author: Vicky Chawda. Hello, I have created one Custom File field in Leads, where i upload specific document and the same field I added in Deals yet, it's not passing the uploaded document in Deals. The same thing with String and Number fields are working perfect. Kindly assist how can I transfer all the uploaded files from Leads to Deals?
Tags: CRM
Modified: 07/01/2015
CRM - Contract Management, adding custom fields to manage contracts and reporting on them
... display the prospects who are due to come out of contract in the next 6 months so that i can have the sales team re-engage with them. Is this possible? Do you have any add in modules, or partners who have developed a contract management piece for the CRM functionality? Thanks Shane. (Self hosted version)
Tags: CRM, Contracts
Modified: 05/06/2015
Add Contact from Business Card picture - mobile, Easily add your CRM contacts by open up the camera and shooting a picture from a business card on your mobile app.
Author: Azim Özdemir. Lots of contacts to manage... this is a general problem. Especially when you have a public conference or a fair trade, you collect a lot of business cards.  It would be a really good feature if I just can take a snapshot with my cam and import the informations here.
Modified: 04/02/2015
Contacts can't be seen on the Company Record, Contact names can only be seen on the Company Record when I am in the Edit mode
Author: Martin Brabenec. I have deleted the contacts, refreshed, clicked on Show Fields, added them back, restarted the browser, cleared cache, but nothing helps.
Modified: 03/21/2015
How can I assign Contact/Company to Department, without using only the Responsible Person field?, There is any way to assign CRM entry like this?
... Department, without using only the Responsible Person field? Just for example, If one employee is assigned to TWO Main Departments, and in each main department, he is assigned to another Sub-Departments; In this case, the employee will see all the CRM entries mixed, without an option to filter it by the relevant department/sub-department he is looking for. Any ideas? Thanks.
Tags: CRM
Modified: 03/09/2015
What does "Bind to CRM Dictionary" do in Custom Fields?, Looking for thorough documentation on Custom Fields.
Author: Eric Schetselaar. I'm looking for thorough documentation on Custom Fields in the CRM, specifically on the Types of fields and what each does. For example, what does Bind to CRM Dictionary do? Bind to Information Block Section/Element? Bind to User? Also, what does the Multiple check box do if it is marked? I'm a power user ...
Modified: 01/18/2015
Change Lead Status Labels?
Author: Ashley Williams. Hello! I'm very new to Bitrix24 and am trying to figure out how usable this is for my startup company. With leads, we would need to change the options under "status" to something else because "on hold" and "processing" and the like are not appropriate for our industry. Is there a way to do this? It would be great if we could still use the status bar. Thanks!
Modified: 12/19/2014
Critical situation - Industry does not appear under Leads, Industry does not appear in Leads View or Edit option
... under Settings>Selection List>Industry, however they do not appear under Leads now.  Earlier we had also created a custom field for Industry as a testing and after realising that the  Industry option is already available in the CRM settings, we deletaed that custom field. But after doing that, the filter of Industry has disappeared from the Leads section, though there are Industries created and showing under the Settings.Selection List option. How do I make it appear in the ...
Tags: CRM
Modified: 10/29/2014
CRM link to Projects, Create a link in Projects to Deals
Автор: Jesal Bhowmick. Hi Support, I want to add a field on Projects to link it to the Deal that it is related to. When a Deal is closed won, a project might be created as a result and we should be able to capture this relationship.. Anyway to do it as a custom field? Cheers, Jesal
Modified: 08/29/2014
Call Lists using Business Processes or other means, I need help creating automatic call lists
... call me later, an appointment, or don't ever call me again 3) The result is then tracked etc. (most calls receive a "call me later" deal 4) The process continues with appointments, daily calls, lots of callbacks, etc. Our company has NO CRM software in place to track all of this activity. So far, I've tried over 5 CRMs and "looked at" over 20 CRMs out there. Bitrix24 seems promising. As an FYI, the company says that we are required to make at least 26 cold calls every ...
Modified: 05/22/2014
Track expenses and Records Management / Lists
... suggestion for tracking expenses is to use the Lists, which is only available in the Professional version, and before I start paying per month just to use that feature, I want to make sure it would work for my business. Essentially, the Deals in the CRM only track positive cash flow.  But, sometimes, for example, I have to use the services of an outside contractor which cost me money in order to close a deal.  Right now I have to manually subtract their fee from the Deal total, but then in the ...
Modified: 03/21/2014
Date format conflict while importing leads, Custom date field does not map with imported data
Автор: Mangesh Sambare. Hello: Need some help to get started. I am trying to import bulk leads via a CSV file. I have created custom fields in the CRM - Leads section and one of the custom field is DOB (Date of Birth). The custom field type has been set to Date & Time. In my CSV, I only have the Date of Birth without the time. When I try to import the data, it gives me a format mismatch for the ...
Modified: 03/03/2014
sending emails to co-workers and group members, How to attach emails to contacts, companies, leads and deals when sending to group members
... company and those emails relate to a contact deal or lead so I want the email attached to the contact deal or leads after it is sent BUT it will not be sent to the contact deal contact or lead contact. I have tried sending an email to the stream in CRM but it disappears and cannot be seen anywhere - it arrives at the contact if it is on Bitrix but does not keep a copy on the one sent from which it refers to. How do I attach emails to these entities when they are not being sent to them but relate ...
Tags: CRM
Modified: 02/27/2014
Deal files where to put them, Proposal / quotation files for deals and email to client
Автор: Richard Duff. I am bringing this up again as I have not yet found the solution to the problem. Each salesperson must not see each others deals - so the proposal file needs to be only with the sale person that is responsible for the deal. But the sales agent must be able to also email this proposal file to the client. If I put it in the stream it cannot be found for email but if I save it to shared location for sales agent then every sales agent can access this location. I could save...
Tags: CRM
Modified: 02/21/2014
New Leads, What does this mean exactly
Автор: Richard Duff. New Leads tab Which leads is this displaying ? What are the selection criteria for a new lead please as I cannot see what makes a lead new. I just get all the leads and select by status It would be useful to only see the 'new' leads imported after an import so that one can work on them separately - can this be done?
Tags: CRM
Modified: 02/18/2014
Emails relating to deals contacts or companies, Sending emails to other persons from with Bitrix24
... or Head office as a contact there is then a conflict when only one salesperson can be responsible for that contact and when someone else tries to send to the contact you get access denied. So how do I send emails to persons other than those in the CRM but relating to those deals or contacts withing the CRM? Hope this makes sens
Tags: CRM
Modified: 02/17/2014
Mail Merge, Mass Mail Merge for Leads
Author: Richard Duff. I want to sent a standard letter template to a selection of Leads but cannot find the following: How to select a section of leads How to send the contact and address information to a sales letter in order to print and post It would appear I have to export the data as csv? Surely this is sort of needed?
Tags: CRM
Modified: 01/31/2014
Companies can be viewed by all users, User can see all companies not just their own personal
Автор: Richard Duff. The access permission allow for the manager to see ALL companies even those that they are not working on. They cannot see others LEADS, DEALS and CONTACTS but how do I stop them seeing companies for other salespeople? We are using Bitrix24 for 8 Sales Agents and I dont want them calling other agents companies or editing them - I have been able to stop editing and deleted but there is no option to see only their own companies. How do I get around this please?
Tags: CRM
Modified: 01/30/2014
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