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New Activity Types (or show "Information" History item on Activity Tab) in CRM, CRM Feature Request
Author: Owen Dessauer. Often we want to simply enter some newly acquired Info about a prospect, or record a Type of Communication other than a CALL, EMAIL, or MEETING. For example, a Communication sent via LinkedIn Messaging, or an inbound email to a different email address, or a news event related to the prospect company, or whatever. But there really is no good place to enter this info now. Yes, we can use the HISTORY Tab and ADD EVENT and there we can enter INFORMATION, or VIRTUAL MEETING, or...
Modified: 03/01/2016
Call back task on the CRM, Whats the best way to set a call back task?
Автор: Richard Duff. I need to set a reminder to make a telephone call to a lead / contact / company or about a deal. I have set an outgoing call in the future but it does not appear in the task list. Should I set it as a task within the CRM? What I want to achieve is a daily prompt of all calls emails and activities that are due to make today / this week etc. Hope you can help Thanks
Tags: CRM Events
Modified: 01/23/2014
Adding files to deal from Bitrix, Attaching proposal files to deals when file is located in Bitrix24
Автор: Richard Duff. I am not able to access Bitrix24 directories for workgroups etc when trying to attach a file to a deal from within deals events. I can attach files from within Btrix24 workgroups etc when I send an email from Bitrix24 but the menu does not appear in the same way for Deals - Activity - add events - browse files - I can only see my local PC - how do I attach a file from Bitrix24? Basically the drag file here is missing and the attach file from Library is not available...
Tags: CRM Events
Modified: 01/17/2014
listing / report on inactive leads and contacts, Finding out which leads and contacts have had no activity since a particular date/time
Автор: Richard Duff. has the feature now been added that allows a report to be run or information accessed as to last contact/activity with a contact or lead? For example a list of leads that have no activity (calls/emails/meetings) since a particular date? This is a very useful feature to track inactive accounts etc I have tried history tab but cannot find the right selection of date range or before date to allow for a report that show all those leads / contacts that have had no activity...
Tags: CRM Events
Modified: 01/09/2014
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