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Products into calendar and others questions
Author: Andrzej Klonowski. Hi. Right now we are looking for a system which will help us to improve our efficiency. We want to have possibility to make an reservation for a products (or cars), I mean I want to reserve car "A" on Monday morning, it should be visible to others (sel ected) that it's reserved... Car "A" should be chosen fr om lists of products or resources, not typed every time in textbox... Second thing is:  I want to create own two lists in...
Modified: 12/02/2016
Use International PHP dates with intl in Date time function bitrix, Use International PHP dates with intl in Date time. There you have for So IT; localised time zone aware dates with the PHP on the multiple-in calendar types. The If the Provided of The your application formats suit the then the the the this is a simple wa
Author: mojtaba sadegh. The default clause uses clause of The Intl By the Gregorian-in-in calendar ( But the CAN of IT Also the use of the make OTHER calendars by Specifying a fifth parameter in the calls to IntlDateFormatterconstructor. . For the the for So by the default for the LEO for ...
Modified: 08/24/2016
About Calendar
Author: İdris İnan. Hello. I want to add calendar events to my workers calendar's. I gave the full access for sharing, adding to-do's for employe's calendar. Can i add tasks for workers and can i see the tasks in users calendars ?  Thanks.
Tags: Calendar
Modified: 05/16/2016
About Tasks and Calendar
Author: ASLI OKTÜRK. Hello there. Is there any way to show added tasks in Calendar. I want this for example. I have a workgroup, I give an access full permission for User X, User X is adding Calendar some event, i am seeing my calendar this event. And i want to do action, for example, can i view in tasks area that added to ...
Modified: 05/13/2016
Calendar events are shifted, by an hour for certain team members all in the same time zone
Автор: Patrik Brehm. Hello Bitrix support team, we use viewable calendars via bitrix24 to synchronise and schedule our internal team meetings. Since the summer time change (I presume), some team members have the problem that their online display of the calendar seems one hour off (too early). I double checked their ...
Tags: Calendar
Modified: 03/31/2016
Bitrix24 calendar sync with main email and mobile devices
Author: Aleksey Ynk. Hello, There is a Calendar insidhe Bitrix24. Our need it to have a full sync of the Bitrix24 calendar with the company email. (Syncronition on both sizes: when event is created in Bitrix24 Calendar it will be synchronized with email calendar, and when inside the email ...
Modified: 04/17/2015
Event added in project calendar doesn't show in my calendar
Author: Greg Dorval. When I add an event in a project calendar I expect that as the owner of the event that it will automatically show up in the calendar in my workspace.  This does not happen. My goal is to have the calendar in my workspace show all events of which I'm a member whether added directly ...
Tags: Calendar
Modified: 02/04/2015
Possible bug - scheduling problem when creating a meeting from a Lead profile page, Possible scheduling issue from within the lead interface
Автор: Michael Holt. When entering a date, in this case, Nov. 20 at 2:00 PM, the calendar entry showed up as 12:00 AM on Nov. 21. I had to go to my calendar in my workspace and edit it there to get it to show up at the correct time.
Modified: 11/18/2014
Schedule follow-up appointments, Calendar / Business Process interaction
... Grant. Good afternoon,       When a Deal is completed (won) we need to book in a follow up appointment one year later to make sure everything is fine with the installation, I'd like to set up a business process to schedule the appointment on the calendar exactly one year after the Custom Date/Time Field "End Date" and assign it to the same employee every time. Is there any way to accomplish this with a BP orwould this level of functionality only be available in the self hosted version ...
Modified: 08/11/2014
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