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Reporting - Tasks - Custom Fields, Is it possible to create reports and include Custom Fields?
Author: Heing Yeo. Hi, I've created on the Task Object several custom fields, but when creating a report, I can't select any of these as columns. Is it not possible to report on custom fields? For example, if I have a custom issues log, I'd like to be able to create a report indicating just what those issues are....
Modified: 11/22/2016
Deal Custom Field with Bind to CRM Elements, Issue deleting content once a value has been selected and saved.
Author: Jose Rodrigues. I have created a Deal custom field with a bind to CRM Elements that is a selection from the available Company database. Once I have populated the field and saved with a value (within a deal) I don't seem to be able to give it again a null value (delete the actual content and leave it empty). Can anybody help?
Modified: 08/12/2016
Can Banking Fields be EDITED?, -
Author: Lucio Groch. I did my research within Bitrix24 Settings and also Googled it. No reference found. Can these fields on the image be edited? Where that can be done? It is not possible under Settings > Start Point > Contact or company details templates > Legal Person. The way these items are organised is extremely confused. It seems like this section was released without being approved.
Modified: 04/11/2016
How do our users default to the custom view created by the administrator?, Custom View
Author: Anand Ranade. We need all of our users to be able to default to the custom view that has been created by our administrator.  How do we do that?
Modified: 02/09/2016
Custom Calculated Fields, Ability to create a calculated field based on the entries of other fields
Author: Kevin Hill. Is there a way to create a calculated field that changes based on the calculation of two other fields. e.g. field 1 + field 2 = field 3
Modified: 09/14/2015
Bug with type list in custom fields
Author: Roman Yarovyi. Hi, I had a very strange situation with CRM. I've created custom field "Project" (type: list) in Companies section and next imported 15 000 - 20 000 fields with different "Project" values. Everything was ok, but I tried to add one more value to the list of field values. After adding new value I clicked Apply and one of the my old values was deleted. I added my old value and new value again, but all records with old value in "Project"...
Modified: 09/12/2015
How to set access level in Custom Fields
Author: B24_3290483. Hi, We are using self hosted version of bitrix. We created a custom field in task area called "Price". Now when inserting a new task, "Price" field is displaying properly. After adding task it is showing perfectely, but to everyone who can see the project. Is there any way I can limit visibility of that custom field to administrator only. Who is insert he can just insert it and in project details it will be shown to administrator only...
Modified: 08/22/2015
Alternative Currency Selections and Conversions, Currency symbols, multiple currencies per project, currency conversion and reporting
Автор: B24_2102203. Our company is based in the State of Qatar (Arabian Peninsula).  We do business in all of the G.C.C. (Dubai, Bahrain, etc.) Each country has it's own unique currency, currency symbol and valuation.  We have clients and suppliers in the Eurozone, Balkans and US.  On any particular project we will have suppliers of services, equipment and materials from multiple countries. Expenses are tracked in the individual currencies and converted to Qatari Riyals (QAR) for sales and project...
Modified: 03/28/2015
What does "Bind to CRM Dictionary" do in Custom Fields?, Looking for thorough documentation on Custom Fields.
Author: Eric Schetselaar. I'm looking for thorough documentation on Custom Fields in the CRM, specifically on the Types of fields and what each does. For example, what does Bind to CRM Dictionary do? Bind to Information Block Section/Element? Bind to User? Also, what does the Multiple check box do if it is marked?...
Modified: 01/18/2015
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