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Tasks under CRM "Activities tab" showing wrong dates, Tasks in Activities CRM tab shows "start date" equal to "finish date"
Author: Atelier White Dress. Dear all, I've created a task with start date, finish date and deadline, and linked to a CRM lead, as shown below:        But when trying to visualize this task under "activities ...
Tags: Task
Modified: 09/09/2017
Planner view empty data for staff *Bug?*
Author: Tyler Falwell. I'm the admin and all of my tasks show up in my Planner just fine, but they do not for my staff.  The only way a task shows up for my staff is if they create a task in that very view.  I have tried every filter, every setting, everything I can think of to try and correct this ...
Tags: Task
Modified: 07/14/2017
Update a task, Identify an updated task from the original one.
Author: Antonio d'Amore. Hi, I am a new user and I am starting to work with my colleagues using Bitrix24. We are stuck on that issue, is there a way that show when a Task is changed reporting just the update part? Something like "this is the original task, and this the part changed it that date/day". I know there is an history section but it is not so immediate.  Thanks
Tags: Task, update
Modified: 06/07/2017
Automated Tasks
Author: B24_12079177. Is there a way to assign automated tasks when a deal progresses a stage? Currently, I can see that you can but I want to be able to use the task template I made or at least have it appearing as a task and not as an activity on the deal and I also want to have it appear as a check list....
Tags: CRM, Task
Modified: 04/26/2017
Workgroups Activity Stream not showing tasks / task changes
Автор: Scott Lang. In the online literature it says - "Each Task's progress and all related notifications will also appear in the Activity Stream of the Workgroup. " - Link ( However,...
Modified: 07/31/2014
Repeating tasks, How do I set up repeating task
Автор: Michel Dion. I love the discovery of Bitrix.  For me, repeating tasks is a mandatory feature.  The website says that bitrix task module does support repeating task.  Yet I cannot find where?   Help would be appreciated. (Maybe I just need more coffee... ;))
Tags: Task, repeat, setup
Modified: 01/04/2013
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