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Calls are recorded, but are not shown under Activities, -
Author: Lucio Groch. Calls are recorded, but are not shown under Activities. This is how it happened: 1. I used a DEAL screen to originate a call directly from the CRM Deal screen. 2. This call was completed, lasted four minutes, was automatically recorded by Bitrix24, and is stored in our company drive. 3. However, it is NOT listed neither under customer's Lead Activities Log nor under customer's Deal Activities Log.     Email advertisement affirmed calls should be listed. Am I wrong?
Modified: 03/31/2016
Notify when a user comments on a post that I had commented on earlier
Author: Bartek Marczak. Hello, I would like to receive notifications after I leave a comment on a post in the activity stream and someone else also comments on that post. Often people will respond to something I said in my comment, but if they don't tag me directly I won't receive any notification that they have posted a comment and I might miss it.
Modified: 10/05/2015
Workgroups Activity Stream not showing tasks / task changes
Автор: Scott Lang. In the online literature it says - "Each Task's progress and all related notifications will also appear in the Activity Stream of the Workgroup. " - Link ( However, in practice task creation, completion etc. do not show up in the "general" ...
Modified: 07/31/2014
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