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How to alter date in event (Automation), Deals > Automation
Author: Rafael Quaresma. Hello, I wonder if there is a possibility to automate the creation of an event in a deals in the following way: Using the closing date of the last deal I would add 30 days to the date and would create an automatic call event for the person in charge who finished the deal. Thank you all for responding
Modified: 09/01/2017
Business Processes and email notification
Автор: Elaine Heng. Hello, we have set up business process to create lead from enquiry form using First and Last name, send email notification and Bitrix notification to specific Bitrix users at the same time (parallel activities) and finally send an automatic response email to enquirer. However activities after parallel execution did not fire at all. Lead entered into Bitrix manually will have First and Last name as Lead Name, however lead created via web form will use "Enquiry Form"...
Tags: automation
Modified: 01/30/2016
Auto-Fill Donor Name, Tag/Variable to autofill donor name in Emails
Автор: Krupa Paulson. Dear all, We are a small NGO located in Bangalore India, and are in the process of implementing Bitrix for database management - both client and donor. We chose Birtix24 over Salesforce and Insightly since it is feature rich, at the same time not bound to Google or way less complicated than Salesforce. My question is, is there a way I can automatically send mails tto donors on their birthday/anniversaries? If not, when I pick donors from contact list, is it possible to ins...
Modified: 11/05/2014
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