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Locating workflow fields in self hosted version of Bitrix24, I am having difficulties locating the workflow fields when creating business processes on the trial self hosted version after moving from the cloud based version. Help!
... locate the workflow fields on the self hosted version. In the cloud version i am given the option to preset my workflow fields before the creation of the actual workflow which acts as a document. However in the case of the self hosted version there is no business process settings before the creation of individual work flow processes and thus i can not locate the workflow settings. Below shows two images one with workflow fields found in settings tab which is found on the cloud hosted version of Bitrix24 ...
Modified: 01/20/2016
Business Processes - Reminders, Looking to create a business process where you will get a task or calendar reminder is someone's passport/VISA is due for renewal
Author: Hannah Lennon. We are looking to create a business process where the user can add their name and the date of their passport expiry and their VISA expiry. Ideally we want a task to be created 3 months before the expiry of their passport/VISA. I am wondering if there is a formula where we can ...
Modified: 11/13/2015
state-driven BP command, how to make it work?
Author: Ronaldo Radünz. for testing purposes, I created a simple state-driven BP (see image).  This setup allow me to redirect the execution to any one of the states, based on a List Field. First state (initialize) changes STATE (with SET STATE action) so the execution jumps to other states as required. It ONLY works if my logic (set state) is put inside one of these: ENTRY HANDLER or EXIT HANDLER. If a COMMAND is used, nothing inside the command runs. I have tried with Log, set state, etc. ...
Modified: 10/27/2015
Setting the 'Creator' of a task within a workflow
Author: Hannah Lennon. We are creating a new workflow to report employee sickness. The workflow will send an email the the HR usergroup and then create a task for the sick employee to upload their sickness form upon their return. The email is working perfectly, however, we are having problems with the task. The task is being sent to the right person, however the 'creator' of the task should be the HR usergroup. Instead, it is sending the task as a random user who isn' even in the HR usergroup...
Modified: 08/13/2015
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