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Add absence for colleague, How to add absence in colleagues calendar
Автор: Nils Elbert. Hello, our executive assistant needs to update absences for colleagues on short notice in case somebody forgets to document the absence him or herself. I know how to grant her access to add or edit in her colleagues calendars. However, the way it is now, she has to search for a colleague, open the colleague's profile, access the colleague's calendar in the top navigation bar and then she can finally add a absence. That is a pretty long way to go... Is it ...
Modified: 09/23/2015
Calendars Shared to Outlook: Add all events as "Appointments" instead of "Meetings", Calendar shared to Outlook creates all events as Appointments
Author: Lize de Wet. Hi There, We are using the Cloud Version of Bitrix24. Is there a way to add events to the calendar so that it shows as meetings in Outlook (if shared) and not as Appointments. The reason for this is that Outlook sees "Appointments" as blocks of time scheduled for only yourself. "Meetings" on the other hand ...
Modified: 04/23/2015
more detailed calendar permissions
Author: Manuel Lange. Hello, I would like to create a group with a calendar. Moderators should be allowed to create, edit and delete any task. Normal members should only be able to view all entries, create new entries and edit their own entries  For the latter there seem to be no defined permissions eg "calendar_access" ...
Modified: 02/09/2015
Transfer events between workgroup calendars
Автор: James Brooks. Hi, I've created a couple of events in My Workspace's Calendar. Since then I've also created a new workgroup which has the Calendar enabled. What I'd like to do now is transfer those original events to the new workspace calendar, but I'm unable to do so. When I edit the event I can see a calendar dropdown,...
Modified: 09/16/2014
Can you add B24 calendar to Google calendar?
Автор: Rob Nanya. I tried adding a Bitrix24 calendar to Google calendar but got this message.   I went to Calendars, then picked a calendar and clicked Export.  Copied the Export Link. Then went to Google Calendars and Added by URL the link.
Tags: calendar
Modified: 07/11/2014
Calendar Sharing, How to write a meeting schedule on others Calendar
Автор: Marco Bompani. Hi All, we have just configured two shared calendars for two employees. Each one would like to write a meeting on the others calendars. Every user have created his own calendar and sets the other user with access "full access" permission or "edit calendars and events" permission....
Tags: calendar
Modified: 01/15/2014
Google Calendar Sync, Syncing Google calendar to Bitrix24 calendar
Автор: Richard Duff. Syncing of google calendar has started to bring in incorrect dates for events on the google calendar. dates are out by a couple of days and this seems to be on recurring events on the google calendar. Not sure what is happening but could be to do with the set up of ...
Tags: calendar
Modified: 01/06/2014
[EC_WRONG_TYPE]The calendar type is incorrect., Get this error when clicking on the Calendar Menu Option for all Employees
Автор: Don Munson. Hi, We are receiving the following error when any of our employees try to enter the Calendar [EC_WRONG_TYPE]The calendar type is incorrect. Is there somewhere in they system to change the calendar type? Thank You
Tags: calendar
Modified: 12/17/2012
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