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Cant sync Bitrix24 Calendar with Google Calendar, Bitrix24 calendar showing 404 not found when trying to sync to google calendar
Автор: Richard Duff. I am still having trouble with the Bitrix24 calendar syncing to my google calendar. Shows exclamations and 404 not found on the calendar list on the right and at other times the list shows ticks but not syncing and not showing events from the CRM onto Bitrix24 calendar. I have tried disconnecting and reconnecting and I have tried changing google to trust less secure apps but still seem intermittant on the sync. Any ideas what to do to sort this problem? Thanks ...
Tags: calendars
Modified: 06/14/2017
Calendars questions, Way to view all calendars on one place?
Автор: Jason Fuller. Is there a way to view the workgroup calendars on the mobile platform?  I don't see a help link for this... And is the correct way to show your workgroup calendar overlayed on "my calendar" on free cloud version - is to add it to favorites?
Tags: calendars
Modified: 12/07/2013
Repeat events, Schedule repeat say every 1st Friday of month
Автор: Charles Wilson. Is it possible to schedule repeat events for say every 1st Monday of the month? Or this best done by importing fr om other? Trialling the free version for possible upgrade to full size, so I am not sure if this is just a lim itation of the baby version. This is important to us as lot of our events are scheduled on this basis.
Tags: calendars
Modified: 07/25/2012
Calendars and Contacts synchronization with Apple products
Author: Ann Slyshkina. Users of Bitrix24 may connect the service’s calendars to their Apple device (Mac OS X, iPad, iPhone) and implement two-way sync. That is, when events in the Bitrix24 calendar are added or changed, these changes are displayed on the Apple device, and vice versa. Also, users can add all the contacts ...
Modified: 05/25/2012
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