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Is there a way to change which fields are visible depending on the type of Lead/Contact/Company?
Автор: Mohamed Elwardany. Hello, I wanted to know if there was a way to change the visible fields in a CRM record depending on a particular value. For instance, we use Contacts to keep track of clients, partners, employees-in-training, former employees, and so forth. What i'd like to know if there is a way that if I set the field "Contact ...
Tags: crm
Modified: 03/29/2017
Can I add new website types to new lead form?
Author: Drew Clifton. When adding a new lead I would like to modify the type of websites available in the Site: field (attached for clarity) How can this be done? Thanks :)
Tags: leads, crm, website
Modified: 12/05/2016
Company data lost due to add Deal Type bug, Company data from 5k lost to 3k data just because adding new deal type
Автор: Jonathan Bryan. Hi Guys, Initially I have more than 5k data and I add another deal type, suddenly my data keep decreasing and now its only 3k. Does anyone ever have the same issue? Or do we able to roll back the data? Unfortunately I haven't backup my data before the data is lost. any advice?
Modified: 07/11/2014
Call Lists using Business Processes or other means, I need help creating automatic call lists
... call me later, an appointment, or don't ever call me again 3) The result is then tracked etc. (most calls receive a "call me later" deal 4) The process continues with appointments, daily calls, lots of callbacks, etc. Our company has NO CRM software in place to track all of this activity. So far, I've tried over 5 CRMs and "looked at" over 20 CRMs out there. Bitrix24 seems promising. As an FYI, the company says that we are required to make at least 26 cold calls every ...
Modified: 05/22/2014
CRM integration with external DBs
Автор: João Dias da Silva. Hello, the CRM module would be perfect if it integrated dynamically with external sources of contacts, such as a MySQL table of customers or suppliers from a different application. This is particularly important because the current "import" feature seems ...
Tags: crm
Modified: 11/11/2012
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