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How to alter date in event (Automation), Deals > Automation
Author: Rafael Quaresma. Hello, I wonder if there is a possibility to automate the creation of an event in a deals in the following way: Using the closing date of the last deal I would add 30 days to the date and would create an automatic call event for the person in charge who finished the deal. Thank you all for responding
Modified: 09/01/2017
Use International PHP dates with intl in Date time function bitrix, Use International PHP dates with intl in Date time. There you have for So IT; localised time zone aware dates with the PHP on the multiple-in calendar types. The If the Provided of The your application formats ...
... mojtaba sadegh. The default clause uses clause of The Intl By the Gregorian-in-in calendar ( But the CAN of IT Also the use of the make OTHER calendars by Specifying a fifth parameter in the calls to IntlDateFormatterconstructor. . For the the for So by the default for the LEO for LEO previous example Would the the include a specification-in-in calendar like the the the following $ a DateTime = new a DateTime (); $ IntlDateFormatter = new IntlDateFormatter ...
Modified: 08/24/2016
Business Processes - Reminders, Looking to create a business process where you will get a task or calendar reminder is someone's passport/VISA is due for renewal
Author: Hannah Lennon. We are looking to create a business process where the user can add their name and the date of their passport expiry and their VISA expiry. Ideally we want a task to be created 3 months before the expiry of their passport/VISA. I am wondering if there is a formula where we can use the date they have entered minus 3 months? Or is ...
Modified: 11/13/2015
Date of newly uploaded file shows as "yesterday"
Автор: Glenn van Gulik. When uploading a file to a workgroup, the file is immediately displayed as having been uploaded "yesterday'. (screenshot attached) I double checked the "properties" of the file and it has the correct date/time, but on the "Files" page, it is listed as "Yesterday". (screenshot attached) I've checked all timezone settings and tried a variety of combinations, but nothing causes it to be displayed as "Today". Your assistance ...
Tags: date, file, upload
Modified: 05/11/2013
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