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Sent emails going to SPAM, sending from email templates within Bitrix24
Author: Richard Duff. Hi Yana I have set up another Bitrix24 site for a company but am having a few problems with Email. The sent emails are ending up in the Junk folder on the recipients outlook email account. I am using a template with company image with path to a hosted image on my own website as that seems the only way to get the image to work - This worked fine in the past for another company I set up. I find the email editor difficult to work with for sending emails - ie formating...
Modified: 01/15/2016
Emailing from My Activities
Author: Bhatiya Jayasuriya. Hello, I looked though the answers but couldn't find an answer to this problem I'm having. I have several emails scheduled in My Activities. When I sel ect them and try to send a group or individual email, "To" field don't get populated with the contacts emails. Also there is no option to select the template. Has anyone else come across this problem? Or am I doing something wrong?  I don't have this problem when sending to a group/individual fr...
Modified: 03/31/2015
Email message advert, Footer on emails sent from Bitrix24
Автор: Richard Duff. I Noticed this marketing message now appears on emails sent from the CRM; "Sent by ( - world's most popular free CRM and client management solution" Do I have to have this message on all sent emails ? Does is disappear on the paid versions? Many thanks Richard
Modified: 10/22/2014
Emails sent to Bitrix, Send and save not working?
Автор: Richard Duff. Hi I have found a lot of emails that I send BCC from outside Bitrix24 to the CRM email address are not finding their way to the company contact or deal. I have put the email address of the company/contact/deal as the first line of the body of the email and it arrives at the Gmail account but not at the CRM . In the following example it arrived only at the contact of the salesperson I sent it to as they have a bitrix account and not to the company as in the email body ...
Modified: 03/19/2014
Email templates in CRM, How to share templates
Автор: Richard Duff. I want to use standard templates for all the sales people to use but when I share a template it has my signature email address and phone number and not the other user - the drop down list gives responsible person name only not access to am email address and mobile number that can be changed for each users template. Also if I share a template in order to allow other users to copy past from it - or amend it to use themselves - they cannot edit it. Would be nice if they could...
Modified: 02/14/2014
Email sending from Bitrix24, The email window
Автор: Richard Duff. There are a number of frustrations in using the email window for sending emails fr om Bitrix. 1. the window is way too small and scrolling up and down is tricky - there should be a bigger view possible so that a bigger part of the       email can be seen and worked on. 2. Wh ere is the BCC send to window ? I sometimes want to Blind copy and email to a manager. 3. Fonts are tricky as I cannot tell what font is being used and at what size so that matching cut and paste...
Modified: 02/14/2014
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