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Extranet, Where has my extranet gone?
Author: Shauna Decker. Extranet function seems to be gone. All groups formerly in extranet are now intranet - can't invite anyone who is not an employee. Please advise. Thank you
Tags: extranet
Modified: 04/28/2015
Add Limited Extranet Groups on Free Plan, Ability to create 3 max extranet groups on free plan
Author: Sasha-Shae Weekes. I think for the freelancers/soloprenuers that uses Bitrix24 having the ability to at least use 1 (max of 3) Extranet groups would be amazing. We don't have employees and likely if we do it's usually no more than 5 people on the team. But what about our clients that we want to interact with closely in Bitrix24 or our Companies we work with? It would be great ...
Modified: 04/19/2015
Cannot add Participant, Extranet member cannot be added as Participant in Extranet Group
Автор: Shauna Decker. I cannot figure out how to add an extranet member as a participant for a task in their extranet group. They are a member, but they do not show up as an option when I am selecting participants. I cannot choose them as the person responsible, either. Even when I search their name, it does ...
Modified: 06/09/2014
extranet users see all clients, If you invite someone from the extranet they can see all your clients
Автор: Mario Lopez. Hi, Is there a way to invite a client through the extranet and have them only see their account? As I see it if you invite someone, they are able to see all your client list, I don't want this.
Tags: extranet
Modified: 06/09/2013
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