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Idea for an addition to Tasks (and another), When using my Bitrix24, I came up with a few ideas that would be really useful additions in my opinion.
... really awesome if I could quiz one of my employees with something to make sure that they are well suited for an upcoming task, or if they've been doing their work ;) This one would be really cool. Thank you! I really would like to be able to use these features in the future; they would facilitate my job a lot, and would make things a bit funner :)
Modified: 04/20/2015
Turn features on/off, Features
Author: Steve Laurel. One thing I have found when trying to get new users to adopt software is to start simple.  With regard to Bitrix, is there a way to turn off features.  For example, I would prefer users not see the 'Mail', 'Marketplace' links.  Can I deactivate those? Thanks Steve
Tags: features
Modified: 03/02/2015
Bookmark sharing/storage app, A feature request to store and share bookmarks
Автор: B24_669505. It would be great to have a bookmark sharing/storing app. Small preview image, list or panel view, tags, ... Not much more actually. Maybe it would be helpful to assign to projects, but global would be fine as well. Many thanks! Jonathan
Modified: 06/30/2014
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