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File Permissions on Download Changed, Permissions on file changed causing issues
Author: Garrett Hyder. Hello, Another team member shared their .jpg file with me through a task, downloading it and placing onto Wordpress I realized it was 404ing. I finally narrowed this down to permissions. It seems bitrix sets the permissions of the file on download to 604 which makes it not viewable online. I had ...
Modified: 04/07/2015
Files starting with a period not being synced, After putting files into local Drive to be synced up to intranet, files whose names start with a period won't sync.
Автор: Jacob Zimmerman. I have a Java programming project that I have synced up on my Bitrix24 Drive, but the files and folders that start with a period won't sync up to the cloud and, therefore, down to my other devices. Luckily, it hasn't tried to remove such files, but the lack of them on my other devices makes the rest nearly useless, since my IDE doesn't ...
Tags: drive, sync, files, file
Modified: 02/23/2014
Date of newly uploaded file shows as "yesterday"
Автор: Glenn van Gulik. When uploading a file to a workgroup, the file is immediately displayed as having been uploaded "yesterday'. (screenshot attached) I double checked the "properties" of the file and it has the correct date/time, but on the "Files" page, it is ...
Tags: date, file, upload
Modified: 05/11/2013
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