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Android 6.0.1 google calendar app malfunctioning when bitrix added
Author: Vangelis Manolis. When you add a bitrix account in the android in order to sync the contacts and the calendar then google calendar stops uploading events to your gmail accounts. It only downloads events created on your gmail account. Since I can't afford to have my gmail accounts malfunctioning I had to remove the bitrix account from my android but would add it again ...
Modified: 01/30/2016
Converting Events to Tasks, Is there a how-to?
Author: Jon Maxwell. Hello, I am doing research as my company is currently looking for a project management system with very specific needs. We need to be able to import our google calendar events and convert them to tasks, or import events from our Google Calendar AS tasks. Are tasks and events interchangeable?
Modified: 12/03/2015
Cannot add external Google calendar, caldav server response is 204 no content
Автор: Dimitris Xalatsis. Hi, I am new to bitrix24 and have the following problem with my calendar.          After the following the directions to sync with Google Calendar, I am presented with a 204: No content error from the CalDAV server. I follow the directions and enter all the details but always get the same error. I have attached the pictures with the settings and the error message. What am I ...
Modified: 08/12/2014
Calendar Synced w/Google Adds Old/Deleted Entries in Bitrix
Автор: Harmony M.. Really excited to get started w/Bitrix! Hopefully this will be the tool that finally helps my efficiency. In adding new calendars, I added my primary Google calendar without incident... however, I find that old/previously deleted entries are being displayed. Not sure why or what to do, as they're obviously not on my Google calendar because I deleted them ... last year! What is happening and what can ...
Modified: 10/16/2013
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