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Duplicate Invoices, Invoices are being sent twice
Author: Quincy Colvin. Every time I have sent out an invoice, it send the email containing it twice. Is there any way to fix this, as I can not go and send my clients two invoices constantly.
Tags: invoice
Modified: 07/07/2016
Email signature while sending the generated invoice, Is it possible?
Author: Sieva Savko. Is it possible to include my email signature while sending the generated invoice to the client? It feels empty and somewhat rude without it, and it's quite annoying to add it manually each time.
Modified: 05/03/2016
Alternative Currency Selections and Conversions, Currency symbols, multiple currencies per project, currency conversion and reporting
... project we will have suppliers of services, equipment and materials from multiple countries. Expenses are tracked in the individual currencies and converted to Qatari Riyals (QAR) for sales and project budget monitoring and reporting.  Our quotes and invoices show the payable currency and the QAR conversions.  Purchase orders, Expense accounts, Airline ticketing may be in multiple currencies.  I realize that incorporating a majority of the world's currency symbols (like MSExcel is able to do) would ...
Modified: 03/28/2015
Problem marking invoices as paid, After marking invoices paid it does not save the settings
Author: Darryl Copeland. I keep trying to mark an invoice as paid, but it does not save the settings.  It shows all of the right info in edit mode, but as soon as I save it goes back to draft status.  Am I missing something in the CRM process that prevents me from marking an invoice as paid?  Thanks....
Modified: 01/03/2015
Customer VAT number on invoices., customer VAT number
Автор: Apostolos Stefanides. Ok I did add my VAT number on my Address field as I read in you forum. But I would like to add my customer VAT number on my invoices. I can’t find any solution at all when my customer is a Company. Any advice please?
Tags: invoice, vat, tax
Modified: 02/21/2014
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