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Invoice number increase by 2, INV28, INV30, INV32...
Author: Sieva Savko. Anyone has any idea why invoices are generating in following sequence - INV28, INV30, INV32, and skip 29, 31?
Tags: invoicing
Modified: 05/03/2016
Invoice security, Invoice view print and download accessibility
Автор: Richard Duff. Hi Guys Invoices do not appear to be secure from users access, for example a salesperson would appear to be able to view,print and download invoices from another salesperson. Is there any restriction or security at all with the invoice system? Thanks Richard
Tags: invoicing
Modified: 10/13/2014
Invoice pdf and printing missing data, Missing fields on invoice pdf view
Автор: Richard Duff. Hi Setup a new payments and invoice template in settings but cannot find a way to print or view on the pdf the following data in the fields when entered on the template; Sellers bank details and bank name and address, company details including company name and contact name etc etc. How do I get these details onto the invoice please? The original template customer bacs does print out the bank details but the new template does not.
Tags: invoicing
Modified: 07/07/2014
How to change default currency?, The invoice currency remains set to USD when I have set my reporting currency to (my new) GBP.
Автор: Graeme Austin. Hi Just setting up the system for evaluation purposes and I can't see how to change the default currency in an invoice.  I've a product set at £100 but when I add it to the invoice, the invoice currency is USD. Any thoughts gratefully received. Thanks in advance Graeme
Modified: 07/05/2013
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