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Export fields - leads., Export fields
Author: Brenda Tirp. Help! I can not export all fields from the leads database. Only a few fields are exported. How do I fix this?
Tags: fields, export, lead
Modified: 06/26/2017
Report Leads and products, Report Leads and products
Author: Alexandre Gonçalves. Hi, We need to make a report to see how many Leads we have for each product in CRM. But in the Report we can not put the product as a criterion of analysis? How can we make this report? Thank you. best regards
Modified: 10/21/2015
Dupe Companies everywhere. Did I miss something?, Dupe Companies everywhere. Did I miss something?
Автор: Paul Urmston. Hi there, Just started trying out Bitrix and had high expectations after watching the starter videos... but it seems to be worse than using pen and paper. I set up two users, and to both I gave the same 2 company leads and contact. User1:  Put lead, contact into system. User2:  Searched for contact and lead and system showed NOTHING. User2:  Re-Entered the same lead and contact. So now I have a dupe lead, dupe company and dupe contact. Now, I would ...
Modified: 04/25/2014
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