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RSS or Atom for lists to synchronize a list with Excel, Add a way to synchronize an excel spreadsheet with Bitrix lists
Author: Daniel Ignacio Barbosa Tarazona. Hello. I've been working with Bitrix for a while as a replacement of sharepoint. one feature that I miss a lot is having the possibility to connect/synchonize lists with Excel in order to analyze information, create reports, etc... Best regards!!
Tags: lists, RSS, Atom, excel
Modified: 09/08/2016
Links in a List field, Creating a clickable url in a List field
Author: Mike Street. Hi, I'm playing with Lists, and it does most of what I want. I can create an HTML/text field and use the 'add link' edit option to add a title and url for external links. This then displays a field with a clickable title, taking the user to the linked site. This works ...
Tags: lists
Modified: 03/06/2015
Lists, How to use information entered into a List
Автор: Yassir Yousif. Hi there, I would like to ask about two points regarding Lists and the data entered into them. 1- In the scenario of a Mileage Tracker List, can values entered into two Number elements (e.g.: KM Start and KM End) be subtracted into a third field with the KM value of the trip. Then calculate a dollar value ...
Tags: lists, export
Modified: 07/18/2014
Track expenses and Records Management / Lists
Автор: Nick Kloski. Hi all....can someone run down for me how one would use the Records Management / Lists function to track expenses in Bitrix24?  I see in some other posts that the suggestion for tracking expenses is to use the Lists, which is only available in the Professional version, and before I start paying per month just to use that feature,...
Modified: 03/21/2014
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