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user question: how to include event description in report?, how to get all unique actitivities into a report?
Автор: Dennis Daniels. I am using the free version of Bitrix. Here's the video ( I need in my reports an event description but there is no option to include 'event description' in reports... use case: sales person has a meeting they type the description of the meeting (event description) send report that includes description of the meeting ...
Tags: reports
Modified: 11/14/2016
Grouping in reports
... Something like a pivot table                             Jan   Feb  Mar .... Ac Manager 1        10    12    9 Ac Manager 2          8      7    12 Ac Manager 3 Ac Manager 4 how do I group and create cross tabs in reports? I know that I can export raw data and do it in excel but it would be much much easier if we could create the report in Bitrix. I would reduce time spend in preparing management reports. thnx C
Modified: 09/03/2014
Custom reports not "seen" by other users
Автор: chronis tzerefos. I'm creating and saving custom report.  A colleague logs in and all she can see is the standard reports that come by default. Similarly, reports that she creates are not available to me. any ideas? thanks C
Modified: 09/03/2014
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