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Local Calling Costs, Only Local Calling
Author: B24_2939445. I am a single person office with one outbound/inbound VOIP line. I see there is a cost for 1+ dialing in the US. When I tried to dial local B24 said I needed to deposit. I dont mind doing that, but will I be charged when I make local calls?
Modified: 09/03/2015
TELEPHONY feature in Self-Hosted, Telephony, SIP Phones, Phone Numbers, Video Conference in Self-Hosted Version
Author: Vicky Chawda. Hi Folks, I have Installed and configured VM Ware Image of Bitrix24 Self-Hosted version BizPace Enterprise. But I am Unable to find Telephony feature in It. Is it available in self-hosted version? like SIP Phones, Phone Numbers, Video Conference etc. Kindly Assist.
Modified: 06/06/2015
Cannot call +[area code][phone #] because this route is unavailable., can't click and dial local numbers from my contact list in bitrix24 :(
Author: Steve Stava. I get the error "Cannot call +[area code][phone #] because this route is unavailable." when I click on a local number in my Bitrix24 CRM (it shows the actual phone # in the error; masked in this description). If I dial the same number with an added "1" as the prefix (long-distance), manually from the bitrix24 dial pad, the phone call goes through. How do I get bitrix24 to dial a local number without treating it like a long-distance...
Modified: 04/21/2015
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