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Add Limited Extranet Groups on Free Plan, Ability to create 3 max extranet groups on free plan
Author: Sasha-Shae Weekes. I think for the freelancers/soloprenuers that uses Bitrix24 having the ability to at least use 1 (max of 3) Extranet groups would be amazing. We don't have employees and likely if we do it's usually no more than 5 people on the team. But what about our clients that we want to interact with closely in Bitrix24 or our Companies we work with? It would be great to be able to have at least 1 extranet group we can add them to, so they can see limited things. From what I get (I'm...
Modified: 04/19/2015
Issues with Workgroup messages, I cannot view workgroup messages from last year on my projects
Author: Ryan Archer. Hi there, I am having some trouble viewing messages in my workgroups that go back to last year. I am using the Bitrix24 hosted CRM system on the free plan for my small freelance business and exploring the features more and more as I learn how to use it. Anyway I am using the workgroups quite a lot to store ...
Modified: 02/21/2015
Workgroups Activity Stream not showing tasks / task changes
Автор: Scott Lang. In the online literature it says - "Each Task's progress and all related notifications will also appear in the Activity Stream of the Workgroup. " - Link ( However, in practice task creation, completion etc. do not show up in the "general" page of ...
Modified: 07/31/2014
Cannot add Participant, Extranet member cannot be added as Participant in Extranet Group
Автор: Shauna Decker. I cannot figure out how to add an extranet member as a participant for a task in their extranet group. They are a member, but they do not show up as an option when I am selecting participants. I cannot choose them as the person responsible, either. Even when I search their name, it does not come up. However, when I look at the member's list in that group, they are listed there. What am I missing? Why isn't this extranet member showing up as an option for selection when I'm...
Modified: 06/09/2014
Invite Group member, Inviting members to specific workgroup
Автор: Sebastian Rchidi. Am I right if I say that I can invite same user to same group as many times as I want? It is now quite hard to manage workgroups as we have over 70 employees on our Company. If I wanna invite employees to specific workgroup, I had to know their names before to do so. List of members in invitation section is showing all members even if those are already in your workgroup....
Modified: 12/03/2013
user accepted invitation in workgroup, Once accepted via ios app, it doesn't show in cloud
Автор: Jason Fuller. I created a workgroup "mywg" and sent invites to 3 employees.  One employee accepted a notification and it notified me on my desktop app... but in the cloud - i can not see this person in the workgroup - it does not show her in the list... it still shows ...
Tags: workgroup
Modified: 12/01/2013
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