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Google Calendar Sync stopped working, Calendar not Syncing
Author: Richard Duff. Hi Bitrix24 Calendar has stopped syncing to Google calendar with error 200 - no updates any more tried disconnecting and reconnecting Google calendar and looks OK on the Bitrix24 Calendar page wiht no errors now but not syncing to Google Tried setting Google access to allow less secure apps to have access but still not syncing to Google Calendar Please advise
Modified: 06/07/2017
Cannot add external Google calendar, caldav server response is 204 no content
Автор: Dimitris Xalatsis. Hi, I am new to bitrix24 and have the following problem with my calendar.          After the following the directions to sync with Google Calendar, I am presented with a 204: No content error from the CalDAV server. I follow the directions and enter all the details but always get the same error. I have attached the pictures with the settings and the error message. What am I doing wrong? Thank you.
Modified: 08/12/2014
Calendar items displayed incorrectly on iOS / CALDAV agenda, Calendar items displayed incorrectly on iOS / CALDAV agenda
Автор: Pascal Roobrouck. Dear Bitrix24 team, here is a problem with CALDAV calender integration : when I schedule a meeting in Bitrix24 web-client (eg the Workshop on monday 18:00-21:00) it looks like screenshot Bitrix24 client ( However, when synced to the iPad using CALDAV, the same meeting looks like week view ( and event detail (
Modified: 02/19/2014
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