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Problem with the Open Channels and CRM
Author: Albena Topalova. Hi everybody!  I have questions about the using of some features. I fail to find the anwers in the knowledge base and the forum. 1. Live Chat integrations with CRM  Recently we integrated Live Chat in our website. It's very usefull for our business. One of the cool features is that when the client types his phone number or e-mail in the caht stream it directly generates new lead. The problem is that the conversation is not automaticly saved as an activity. In the same time...
Modified: 02/16/2017
New Activity Types (or show "Information" History item on Activity Tab) in CRM, CRM Feature Request
Author: Owen Dessauer. Often we want to simply enter some newly acquired Info about a prospect, or record a Type of Communication other than a CALL, EMAIL, or MEETING. For example, a Communication sent via LinkedIn Messaging, or an inbound email to a different email address, or a news event related to the prospect company, or whatever. But there really is no good place to enter this info now. Yes, we can use the HISTORY Tab and ADD EVENT and there we can enter INFORMATION, or VIRTUAL MEETING, or...
Modified: 03/01/2016
Adding new tab to CRM activity stream, I'd like to add a "Snail Mail" tab to the CRM activity stream
Author: Tom 'Bald Dog' Varjan. Hello, I’m pretty new to Bitrix24, and I really like it. I’m just wondering if, in CRM,  I can add add a “Snail Mail” tab to the activity stream’s exiting "message, task, meeting, call, email" tabs. I do quite a bit of snail mail, and it would be great. I’ve fiddled with the settings a bit, but have decided that the smart option is to ask instead of wasting time on something that someone has already done. Thanks a lot for your kind...
Modified: 09/15/2015
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