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Change Default Contact Information type
Author: B24_11079931. Hello,  first of all, thank you for a nice business tool. I hope someone can help us. At the moment we are struggling in deal page, when needed to choose client. Our main client is Person, not company. Is it possible to change primary client type form Company to Contact? And how? With best regards Jonas Burneika
Tags: CRM, Contacts
Modified: 07/17/2017
Activities created in Contacts E.g. Task, Events, Meetings. Etc are not linked in the company., Contact for a Company their activities are not linked together.
Author: Raymond Lim. Recently I create some activities in the Contact for e.g. John Smith for ABC Company. Why the Activities do not appear in the Company ABC Company? Why does it only appear on the contacts Stream but anything related to this contact is not create with the activities inside? 
Tags: Contacts
Modified: 06/17/2016
[Help] Problem with export& import contacts - Administrator roles
Author: Quan Nguyen. Hi all, I have problem with export contact to .CSV and other available format files. Since I have the Administrator role, but the imported file is empty "currently, there are no contacts available".  What should I do to migrate the contacts from this organization to other (same Bitrix24 system). Thanks,
Modified: 01/13/2016
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