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How to alter date in event (Automation), Deals > Automation
Author: Rafael Quaresma. Hello, I wonder if there is a possibility to automate the creation of an event in a deals in the following way: Using the closing date of the last deal I would add 30 days to the date and would create an automatic call event for the person in charge who finished the deal. Thank you all for responding
Modified: 09/01/2017
Use Workgroups/Projects as an umbrella for more Entities, Relate Deals/Quotes/Invoices to Projects
Author: Valentin Grigoryevskiy. Use Workgroups/Projects as an umbrella for more Entities. It is a bit strange that Activities can be related to a Project, but Deals/Quotes/Invoices cannot. Projects are a very cool thing when you have few of them and you need to manage access for team members.
Modified: 08/25/2017
Deal Template
Author: Valentin Grigoryevskiy. Provide an ability to create Deal Template with prepopulated params (just like it is done for Tasks).
Tags: Deals, template
Modified: 08/25/2017
Values of deals, Higher values in analytics
Author: S. M. The values of deals are higher by 26% when shown in analytics... all of them. Why? S.M
Modified: 03/05/2016
Multiple companies on single deal, Associating Multiple companies to a deal
... Richard Duff. How can I link more than one company to a deal? In building specification projects there will be many companies associated with the deal/project and they all need to be linked to the same project/Deal Some will be associated with many deals For example and Architect and Electrical contractor are both named on one project and each may have other projects they are associated with Any Ideas? Richard
Tags: Deals
Modified: 10/22/2015
Adding Documents and proposals to Deals, Deal needs to show all proposal documents and link to them
... file browser only looks at your local drive and not the Bitrix drive or cloud at all This is odd as the email attachement gives you the option to attach files from either the local PC drive or Bitrix24 - this should be available to the files list on Deals as well Can this be done any other way at all?
Tags: Deals
Modified: 05/14/2015
Closed Deals and converted leads, Viewing non closed deals and non converted leads
Author: Richard Duff. Hi Guys Is there a way to exclude or filter out the closed deals and the converted leads when view them in the main search page? In deals one can search and sel ect by deal stage but not by exluding all closed deals - these are now history and there needs to be a way of excluding them fr om standard view. ...
Tags: Deals
Modified: 03/12/2015
Taxes should not be automatically added to deals income (amount)
Автор: Thibault Viguier. When we first started to use bitrix24 1 year ago, we liked the fact that you could add products to a deal, and bitrix calculated the total amount, and if taxes applied would add the taxes to the later invoice. At the time, when you saved your deal with a said $100 product (and a 20% VAT Tax), the total amount of the deal (income field) was set to $100, because this is ultimately the money the company will get. But now, when you create a new deal, the amount saved in...
Modified: 10/30/2014
CRM link to Projects, Create a link in Projects to Deals
Автор: Jesal Bhowmick. Hi Support, I want to add a field on Projects to link it to the Deal that it is related to. When a Deal is closed won, a project might be created as a result and we should be able to capture this relationship.. Anyway to do it as a custom field? Cheers, Jesal
Modified: 08/29/2014
Schedule follow-up appointments, Calendar / Business Process interaction
Автор: Tez Grant. Good afternoon,       When a Deal is completed (won) we need to book in a follow up appointment one year later to make sure everything is fine with the installation, I'd like to set up a business process to schedule the appointment on the calendar exactly one year after the Custom Date/Time Field "End Date" and assign it to the same employee every time. Is there any way to accomplish this with a BP orwould this level of functionality only be available in the self hosted...
Modified: 08/11/2014
Opportunities, Why Bitrix24 does not have "Opportunities" in the CRM section? Opportunities are not "Deals" and certainly not "Leads"
Автор: B24_561575. There needs a section called opportunities in the CRM section. Opportunities are for existing clients or companies. They do not have to go through the conversion from Leads to Deals. An opportunity can have several "deals"
Modified: 06/26/2014
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