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Company and User Mailbox integration Office365
... for help since the help desk, unfortunately, has not been helpful. After numerous messages back and fourth, sharing screen shots over and over again (sometimes the same ones), waiting days for a response....I hope someone else has resolved this issue Email integration in the CRM To track emails in the CRM, as I see the following 4 options: 1) You can manually log an email but, this will only make an entry in the History section and not track in any "activity" or show in the nice reports ...
Modified: 04/26/2017
Email signature while sending the generated invoice, Is it possible?
Author: Sieva Savko. Is it possible to include my email signature while sending the generated invoice to the client? It feels empty and somewhat rude without it, and it's quite annoying to add it manually each time.
Modified: 05/03/2016
Email Formating, Email viewing in CRM
Author: Richard Duff. I am using send and saving with an email address for the CRM so that emails are arriving in the CRM against the lead / contact /deal This is working but I am struggly to read the emails as the formatting has completely gone from the email and all that is left is a string of words, This ...
Tags: Email
Modified: 05/14/2015
Email in Bitrix Mobile App
Author: Dylan van Vliet. Hello, Cause I cant use my own Domain to manage my emails inside Bitrix24 AND my current mail client (Apple Mail). I need to know if I could manage my emails inside the iOS or Android app from Bitrix? Thank you.
Modified: 01/14/2015
Auto-Fill Donor Name, Tag/Variable to autofill donor name in Emails
Автор: Krupa Paulson. Dear all, We are a small NGO located in Bangalore India, and are in the process of implementing Bitrix for database management - both client and donor. We chose Birtix24 over Salesforce and Insightly since it is feature rich, at the same time not bound to Google or way less complicated than Salesforce. My question is, is there a way I can automatically send mails tto donors on their birthday/anniversaries? If not, when I pick donors from contact list, is it possible to ins...
Modified: 11/05/2014
Email Integration, Uploading emails to Bitrix24
Автор: Richard Duff. I have integrated email ok and set up a gmail account for the CRM so sent emails get tagged into the CRM and saved with the contact or deal - I have also seen replies come back ok although a couple definately got lost - they appear in gmail with the tag but not in the ...
Tags: Email
Modified: 12/20/2013
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