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Max leads, What's the max. leads that can manage?
Автор: Jorge Díaz. What's the max. leads that the free cloud version can manage? I tryied to upload 6500 leads, but i only could access 5000 of them. Which version do i need for handling 10.000+ leads?
Modified: 09/24/2014
Date format conflict while importing leads, Custom date field does not map with imported data
Автор: Mangesh Sambare. Hello: Need some help to get started. I am trying to import bulk leads via a CSV file. I have created custom fields in the CRM - Leads section and one of the custom field is DOB (Date of Birth). The custom field type has been set to Date & Time. In my CSV, I only have the Date of Birth without the time. When I try to import the data, it gives me a format mismatch for the date column and the import fails. The format in the CSV is mm-dd-yyyy. I have tried changing the...
Modified: 03/03/2014
Importing Leads, Leads not importing properly stops after 20 records
Автор: Richard Duff. Once again leads are only importing the first 20 records from the CSV file - UTF-8 saved format and all looks ok in the file. But after 20 record count the import stops when there were 57 records in the file. this causes a lot of work when importing ontop of leads and trying to avoid dupilcate records - what is going wrong please? Sometimes imports zero records but reload file and it imports 20 max. when have changed nothing in the file. Had to import in chunks of 20...
Modified: 01/07/2014
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