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Quotes in Mobile App, Quotations not showing in Mob App
Author: Richard Duff. Hi I seem to be able to get most things from the CRM but not Quotes - how do I access my quotes on the Mobile app please? Thanks Richard
Tags: Quotation
Modified: 03/04/2015
quotes standard text, Default text on quotes
Author: Richard Duff. Hi guys I want to have standard conditions of sale printed on the quotes and want to use the fields in conditions and content as these can be printed on the quote in the right place trouble is I have to type these in for every quote when they are always the same. I suppose I could copy one quote to another but I would then be left with a lot of editing I just want the text to be standard - how can I achieve this please?  
Tags: Quotation
Modified: 01/28/2015
Quote system PDF and print out, Quotation formating with company logo and infor
Автор: Richard Duff. Hi Guys I would very much like to use the quotation system but I cannot see how to add the company logo or standard address information for every quote as standard. Also I cannot seem to move the printed condition information block to print  below the line items even if I move the block on ...
Tags: Quotation
Modified: 07/01/2014
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